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Tom has a reputation of being trusted, straight-forward and easy to talk to. He grew up around the door service business working on overhead doors from the time he was 18. He's seen plenty of other jobs where the customer was charged for unnecessary add-ons or non-existent problems that added cost- and he won't let that happen to you.

Tom is a "find" in this business, and can solve your problem promptly, reasonably, and professionally.
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Q: My garage door won't close all the way- or only closes when I hold the button down. What should I do?

Check to see if the lenses of the sensors are dirty. There could be something blocking them such as a broom or even leaves.

If that's the case,
it might be something you can take care of without assistance.

Sometimes it's a different problem with the safety sensors. They might not be aligned properly, or need replacing.  

Look for an obstruction first if you can find one, and clearing it before trying again.

 Q: Everything opens fine if I use the button on the wall, but not with my garage door remote. What should I do?

After you've double-checked that the battery in the device is fine and it still doesn't work, you probably just need a new remote.

Some models can be purchased at home centers, but problems often arise since universal-type openers are often not designed for your specific model.

You're likely to save some time and trouble by consulting first with a service technician on this one.


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Final tip- Tom can often give you advice right on the phone- even if it means you won't need him to come out.

Tom Skyles is listed above.

He's trustworthy, won't pile on extras you don't need, and one of the best door repair professionals you'll find anywhere around St Louis or Missouri for that matter.

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 Q: The motor on my garage door opener sounds like it is running, but nothing is moving. What could be the problem?

A: If you have a Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, or Liftmaster, opener, the gears inside of the motor head may be worn out or stripped. If you have a Genie Screw Drive opener, the trolley may be worn out or stripped.

You may need to have your
gears or trolley replaced. Sometimes a complete service of your door and opener is recommended.